Friday, 30 March 2012

I am ...

1. I am a panda.
2. I am a Chevrolet.
3. I am a pair of cloves.
4. I am a Friday.
5. I am an ice cream.
6. I am the color red.
7. I am Never Back Down.
8. I am man's perfume.
9. I am a skyscraper.
10. I am a redwood.
11. I am a violin.
12. I am a triangle.
13. I am a couch.
14. I am Fanfare.
15. I am Winter.
16. I am Stewie.
17. I am Superman.
18. I am a microwave.
19. I am a tsunami.
  I am a triangle because i am physically and mentally strong. I am optimistic and hard working. Just like a triangle, which is the strongest geometric shape. I am a triangle because i don't give up easily when i encounter obstacles. I always try my best to deal with problems and only surrender to those that i am incapable of doing. Just like a triangle, it contracts or expands instead of bending when it's being pushed. I am a triangle because i want to reach the top. Just like a triangle, 2 lines intersect to form an angle, pointing to the top.

Friday, 2 March 2012

The songs you sang on stage

I have heard
the songs
You sang
On stage

and which
you were probably
Is very bad

Trust me
they were fantastic
You voice is so beautiful
and so perfect
Red little violins

so much depends

Few red little

Resonating with shiny

beside the vast

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Love is ...

Love is patiently waiting,
even if you knew he or she may NEVER come back;
love is giving warm encouragement, so that
he or she will not EVER stumble again.
Love is being altruistic,
always caring about the other;
love is keeping one's promise, so that
mutual trust will NEVER leave you.
Love is eating dinner together,
bringing warmth to the whole family;
love is spending honeymoon alone, retrospecting
the cherished times you have spent together.
Love is not forgetting his or her birthday,so that
he or she will be surprised;
love is being trustworthy, so that
deceit will NEVER exist.
Love is trying your best to succeed,
then there will be no disappointment.
love is burning fire that can
melt your tender and shallow heart.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


  I am the kind of person who likes staying at home. I do not mean that I hate going outside and hanging out with my friends. But if someone calls me to go out with him or her in the morning, the answer will be "no". Being indolence sometimes gets me into serious troubles like being late to class, but I don't really mind that. I mean, who doesn't like sleeping? I prefer the sedentary because I can store potential energy by doing nothing or sleeping. Therefore, when I am doing the physical I can actually have more energy than other people. There is another reason why I prefer the sedentary -- it's because I can surf the internet! It's a lot of fun when I can just sit there in front of my computer and know what is happening around the world.
  Maybe you disagree with what i just wrote, but I believe that being a little lazy is not that bad.